Useful tools for making gold in World of Wacraft

Want to make more gold more efficient?

Well then you should know about these websites and tools (addons).

This list is not complete as I find more useful stuff to add.


Trade Skill Master (TSM) (Link to their website)

Trade Skill Master Addon (Download the addon from curse)

  • On short this addon automates the auctioning process.
  • Probably the most powerful auctioning addon avaiavle.
  • Used correctly this addon will save time and gold.
  • Comes with several powerful tools
  • Free to use

If you are new to TSM I would checking out and subscribe to : Xionik1234 and Phat Lewts on YouTube. I have personally learn all I know from these individuals.

I would recommend watching  Phat Lewts videos first as he shows what addons to download before you can use the addon. He also shows how to setup the addon for your sever.


 -Watch the video about sniping last!


Phat Lewts (I would recommend watching these videos first!)


Useful websites:

The Undermine Journal  

  • Check prices on items.
  • Check competition on your realm.
  • Check potential deals.
  •  Find niche items which may be worth farming for a massive profit!
  • Know when to post items.
  • Find out if an item is worth farming
  • Are prices increasing or decreasing on certain items?
  • Is the quantity of a specific item going up or down?
  • This website has prefect fit for anyone trying to understand how their server economy is working.


To be continued! 🙂 

Good ways to earn raw gold in World of Warcraft

Raw gold, guarantied gold

When farming you are interested in how much gold you can make in a given time. Farming gold old raids is a farming method that I will always recommend. I recommend farming old raids for the simple fact that you are guaranteed to make gold, raw gold.  Furthermore, this method require little to no effort and no professions.

As of now the most popular way of making raw gold is doing the old cataclysm raids on 25 man heroic difficulty. Although this method got recently  less profitable (nerfed) it is still a good money maker. This is a good place  players to start making gold.

Completing all the cataclysm raids will net you about 5000 gold per week per character. Doing this with 11 characters which are at least level 100 and with OK gear, will net you around 55000 gold. As mentioned this gold is guarantied. This means that you will be able to buy gametime with gold every 2nd week or so (considering token costs 60 000 – 70 000 gold on EU servers).

Here is a video of Roguish Elf doing all the cataclysm raids in around 1 hour on a level 100 Shaman. Remember you want to do the old raids as fast as possible, efficiency is key to making a lot of gold.

You can also chose to complete all the raids Lich King raids (25hc) this will net you an additional 3000-4000 gold. Making your total at least 8000 gold a week. 88000 gold on 11 characters per week.

If you want to look more specifically on how long it may take you to run all these raids checkout Nytage channel. My numbers is basted on his video as I have no newer information after the nerf of the cataclysm raids.

I may note that I have not taken Mist of Pandaria raids into account. If you want to know how much gold you can get from doing MoP raids then I would recommend you subscribing to Nytage. As he will be making a new video on these raid in a upcoming video!


  • If you are having a hard time doing the old raids duo to mechanisms then you should check YouTube for solo kill videos, and try to replicate these.  
  • MoP raids will most likely require you to be in level 110 to be done efficient (higher level = more dps = faster clearing speed)
  • As I mentioned this way of making gold is good if you want to put little effort into making gold. It is a good place to start. I am aware that there are many more efficient ways of making gold (involving the AH, professions etc).
  • I will cover other ways of making gold in another guide. Stay tuned! 🙂



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Why I stopped buying games of g2a and kinguin

Games from G2A and Kinguin

Video games are generally not cheap. Therefore finding a website selling games cheap might feel like you have hit the jackpot.

Sites like G2A and Kinguin sell video games for a heavily discounted prices.  Prices can vary from 1-3% to 90+ % off on some products. The way they are able to achieve this is by working as a middleman, somewhat like Ebay. They are basically a marketplace for game sellers, and they mainly make money on sales and on listing of games. However, they seem to care little on how the game sellers acquire their games.

How is it even possible that they can sell games at a extremely low price? Well the answer lies in the fact the a large portion of the sellers on these sites use illegal methods to acquire games, i.e stolen credit cards using vpn’s to buy games cheap in other countries. Now you may ask well what is so bad about them using these methods apart form them being illegal? The answer is that these stolen credit cards often get charged-backed by the original owner or the thief. Furthermore, this results in the game developer loosing money and several keys (usually thousands of keys). Again this may result in them having thousands of players playing their game, but only have made little to no money on any of those players.

I personally find this unethical that these third-party sites takes no responsibility for the legitimacy of the product which is sold on their site. Of course you “can” find some legitimate sellers on their site, but the number of smaller illegitimate sellers outweigh them. You also have to question yourself how it is possible to sell products so “cheap” legitimate. These sites does not hurt the large game producers, but the small indie companies with limited resources. I want to support content creators. Therefor I buy games from trusted retailers or directly of the game publishers site.


If you wan to learn more about g2a I would recommend this video by LevelCapGaming

Here is also a great article from Polygon  talking about these companies.

Why most World of Warcraft gold farmers/makers are unoriginal

 Gold making YouTubers are unoriginal

In fact most “guides” on how to make gold have been re-uploaded more than ones. I can almost guaranty that you will be able to find more than one video on how to farm thing for gold. The only difference in the videos are usually just a few tips/tricks or a slightly different route.  What I find funny is not the similarity in the videos, but the fact that people take credit for something that they “found”.

Usually they combine this “find” with some outrageous title like “Insane farm spot 50000k gold in a hour!“. As I have mentioned in a earlier post, there is no way you can make that much gold in a hour from farming, period.

Some of you might think that videos are the original source for gold farming guides? Guess what it is not. I most cases these “video guides” are getting their idea from forum posts.  This is usually how most guides are made.  Some guy finds a insane farm and decides to share it on a forum, and someone copy his guide and takes credit from it.

Some examples of forums where newly discovered gold guides are published.

Ownedcore (The World of Warcraft section)

  • You would be suprised on how many of your favorite gold makers use this somewhat shady website.
  • By “shady” refer to that fact that selling gold, accounts and much more take place on this site.
  • I personally think this is one of the best places to find fresh information regarding  guides, exploits and much more. 

Wow economy (reddit)

  • A very underrated site.
  • Contains a lot of interesting topics, and individuals.

The stormspire forums 

  • Used by many of the most talented and professional gold makers in WoW.
  • A good place to get help from the very best.
  • A good place for discussion.

A final note:

  • It requires very little to become a “good” gold maker in World of Warcraft. It only takes time and knowing where to find information. 
  • Want to make a lot of gold ? Then keep yourself constantly updated on the sides I mentioned. Methods become less good when more people find out about them. Therefore, you should always try to be among the first to take advantage of someones new findings.
  • Of course on one “owns” a guide on how to make gold, it is not their intellectual property.  Also they do not have the right to copyright it unless it is a direct re-upload. Therefor, I belive that if you are a decent human being then you credit the creator.  

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How easy is it for professional CS:GO players to hack?

Easy win, easy cheat

I have just been watching the Starladder CS:GO tournament, and I am baffled by how easy it can be for professional players to cheat at international events. 

There are several videos on YouTube about how you can hide your cheats effectively so that it is almost impossible to detect them. On of the most common ways to hide cheats is through equipment (mouse or keyboard). In short, they have a extra USB connected to the mouse or keyboard which is “injected” into the computer.  When a player connects his mouse and keyboard to a computer he also loads his cheats. A player may also have a keybind that activates his cheat or disable it.

A thing that really surprised me when it came to the Starladder tournament was that players seemed to have unrestricted access to the web. I clearly saw a player tabbing out of the game to watch some kind of YouTube video while playing a competitive game. Note this is not a uncommon practice when it comes to tournaments, Starladder is not the only one allowing this. The idea is that players should be able to download their configs off the web.

What I think is alarming is that they can easily activate or even download a cheat without anyone noticing. It takes only a couple of seconds to do so.  I imagine most players would not download a hack while live on a stage, but there are methods to conceal a hack inside a custom CS:GO map (which makes it really hard to detect).

My point is that cheating on a huge international event is really not that hard. I also belive that there is very little tournament advisers can do to stop people from cheating, but they can differently do better.

1.  They should look through players mouses and keyboards for something that looks off. I might also add that there are people online reverse engineering keyboards to conceal cheats, for a small payment. So many cheats will be impossible to detect even though you take their equipment apart.

2. Professional players should not have access to the web, but some kind of LAN connection. Make them download their configs to a USB which is held by the tournament admins.

3. Professional players should be handed new accounts to play on.

4. Hire someone that has experience with coding to make a independent cheat detection system.

5. Place as camera directly over the players. This will allow spectators to look at mouse movement and weird keybinds.


  • By cheat I mean hacks, script etc
  • By hacks I do not mean wallhack, no-spread, no-recoil (obvious hacking).
  • Professional players are likely to use toggle, a weak aim-lock, a aim cheat with a smooth setting. Most likely they have a entire config for every weapon to behave in a special way. What I mean by this is that they can have a cheat that some times shoot at the head then shoots at the body afterwords, i.e: A desert eagle that sometimes autoaims towards the head,maybe 70%, of the time and 30% to the body. 
  • The rule of thump is that if you can imagine it then someone can code it. 
  • I am not “completely” a newbie at CS:GO as my highest rank is currently supreme. 
  • Do I belive that some pro players hack? Well I think you would be native to not belive it. 


Setting up a New Cheap WoW Account for AH-Sniping or Auctioning (EU only)

New WoW account for AH

Posting and sniping on the auction house wile still playing WoW or other games. Today I will tell you the easiest and cheapest way to setup a new WoW account. This can only be done by Europeans.

Done in under 5 minutes.

1. Click here

2. Then, login ( This method also work for completely new accounts)

3. Then, buy a BattleChest 50% off 

4. Then, Pay

5. Set up your TSM-Sniper

For this I would recommend a video by Xionik1234

6. Enjoy almost effortless AH sniping


  • I recommend using 2 monitors when using sniper.
  • Is it worth it? Yes! It is extremely easy to get gold in WoW, and  currently the wow token is at : ~ 63 000 gold  Right now I would say it is worth it.
  • Having luck and setting up your AH sniper can net you more than 100k a month. (This will also depend on your server)
  • I personally think that reselling/flipping items is the best way to make gold and the fastest. It takes little to no effort, but some practice to be done correctly.
  • Always remember that you are most likely not the only person on your server who is using some kind of sniper. You will need to be quick and decisive.
  • I have NO idea how long this method (Buying a cheap battlechest) will work, but it has worked for several years already. 


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Possibly the best enchant for melee classes 1 – 90

What is the best enchant for a melee class in World of Warcraft from level 1 – 90?

The best enchant is:

Credit: Wowhead

Enchant Weapon – Bloody Dancing Steel 

What make this enchant insane is the it gives 103 strength or agility at every level. Placing this enchant on a heirloom will be your best choice. A class like rogue or enhancement shaman which can dual-wield would be the ideal class with this enchant. I remember witnessing a old-school wow player using these enchant on a enhancement shaman while leveling. He easily did close 70-90% of overall damage in dungeons.

Credit: Wowhead

The enchant is insanely rare and is not in the game any longer (cannot be obtained any more). Most people will not have this item unused (the scroll). The item requires 2200 battleground rating or 2200 personal rating so only a few ever obtained it. Consider yourself extremely lucky if you have it or can get your hands on it.

I get the fact that 99% of the people who read this do not have the enchant, but it is still the best enchant for twinking and leveling. I will later show you guys a great site for finding enchants for every level in the game.

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Lets talk about gold per hour and looted item value

Gold per hour & looted item value

If it sounds to good then it is probably not true. 

There are hundreds of videos on YouTube about how to make gold, and in the title they have these outrageous titles i.e “10000 – 50000 gold pr hour, easy, fast, etc..”

Gold per hour is in my opinion misunderstood. What I mean by this is that people does not understand the word “gold” as it should be understod. If I get say a piece of gear that has a value of 1000 gold then that items is worth a 1000 gold, but only if it sells for a 1000 gold. I have made 0 gold until I sell it. So gold per hour should be 0. When you kill a boss and the boss drops 100 gold then you gain a 100 gold. This is usually refereed to as raw gold. In this example you would make 100 gold an hour if you killed the same boss ones per hour.

A example of incorrect use of gold per hour.

Credit: Studen Albatroz 

A more common term is now looted item value. I personally like this term a lot more, but it is  very inaccurate. Say I get a item what is worth 10000 gold, then I have a item that is worth 10000 gold right now. What I mean is that prices fluctuate depending on demand. The item might be worth 10000 gold today, but tomorrow or in one week it might be worth 5000 gold depending on your server. The best way to find what the item is worth is going to

A good example of using looted item value (correctly) in a video

Credit: Studen Albatroz 

Before you go out and farm for gold check the item that you are farming, and see if it is worth farming. If there is nobody on your server selling that item, then this is a great opportunity, but if there is a handful of people selling it then move on.  Transmog, pets, mounts and toys sell mostly slow so do not expect to sell them instantly. Some items can take several weeks to sell. It all depends on price of the item and the demand for it.

A lot of the “gold guide” youtubers use as mentioned outrageous titles simply because they know they get more view on their videos, they clickbait. They put little to no effort in their videos, and most of them just copy someones else video. There are very few original gold guides on YouTube. Their incentive is of course ad-revenue and growing their channel. I would advice you and everyone else to dislike these videos, and comment on why do not like it i.e “There is no way you are making 50000 gold from killing chicken*.  I am recommending this because, if the video gets a lot of dislikes then it will not show up first when you search for wow gold guides. Videos with more likes (which usually are legitimate) will how up first.

If the video you are watching is old, and the method is overused then drop a comment saying that the guide is outdated. Most serious “gold guide” youtubers will say that their farming spot may not good in the future. No guide will be good forever. There is no need to dislike a outdated video. The method may still be relevant in some way. Adding old profitable farms into your farming route (supplement it) may still net you a good amount of gold.


If the guide you are watching is old then it is a high probability that that item(s) is not worth farming alone any longer. The best way to make gold is either raw or having a huge amount of auctions on the auction house. A youtuber might sell a item for much more than you, only because he is on a server with low competition. Do not expect to get the same results as others, and do not waste your time with useless guides. Check your server for prices.

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Hello and welcome to my site!

Hello and welcome to my site.

On this website I will be posting mainly about World of Warcraft Guides. I will mainly review guides and share guides that I belive are interesting, legitimate and that will benefit the readers. Some examples of guides can be about addons, gold farming, mount farming, reputation, leveling and much more. I have personally played World of Warcraft since TBC, so I have a lot of knowlage about the game and the mechanics. I always want to know the fastest or best way of doing something in the game. The guides that I will share or review will include my view and some pros and cons. I personally think there are to many “sh*t” guides out there which promise  more than it will ever give, therefore I decided to make this website to share good and reliable guides.  As a bonus I might throw in some exploits which for some of you will be a lot of fun.

My current goal is to post/review at least one or two guides a day.

My native language is not English so please bear with me 😉

There will be done updates to the site constantly, so do not worry too much about the layout.

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Do not hesitate to comment! Feedback will help me improve content and the website.